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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sebijik Kereta On My Birthday?

Today is my official 20th Birthday!

Alhamdulillah, dah genap 20 tahun dapat hidup di dunia ni, bersyukur sangat kepada Allah s.w.t. :)

Thanks to my family for the wonderful cake & cards, they are so cute. I love you guys so much, more than anything in this whole wide world!

Tajuk itu hanya mitos semata-mata. I don't get a car for my birthday, but I dapat kereta mainan on my birthday, awesome! :P

(even the kereta mainan is my lil brother's toy, boohoo)

Thanks to my lovely boyfie for a cute date & celebration of my pre-birthday + our 5th month anniversary last Saturday. (Terpaksa celebrate awal coz patutnya I kena pergi MDS tomorrow, but still ada hal lain yang tak settle & I tak dapat pergi jugak, kecian dia.)

And lastly, thanks to all my friends yang wish! Aww, they are so adorable although mostly wish dkt Facebook je, but nevermind, asalkan you wish, I dah terharu sangat-sangat. :')

Kalau nak listkan one-by-one all the people yang wish tu, memang ramai kot. Dekat facebook je dah nak dekat 200 people. OMG, thanks! Walaupun friends dekat Facebook tu dah 1000+, tapi dalam 200 orang tu yang sangat comel & do remember my birthday. Oh I Love You Guys To Death!
(yang tak wish tu, I will haunt you in your sleep! MWAHAHA. Just kidding!)

Here's a cake for my birthday. It's for all my family, boyfie & of course friends.
I love you guys forever. :)

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