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Friday, April 15, 2011

I Speak English Only.

I speak English only for MUET. Haha. Saya masih sedar bahawa bahasa rasmi saya ialah Bahasa Melayu. :)

But anyway, tomorrow I will be attending the Listening, Writing & Reading for MUET! And unfortunately, I didn't prepare anything. Yes, I mean nothing. Wonderful Isn't it? Yes I know, MUET is "totally easy". Duhh.

Grammar berterabur, yes I am aware of that. That is one of my weaknesses since primary schools, my Ummie always told me about the mistakes in my Grammar. Hee, I guess I just have the problem in Grammar. Okay, I will try my best!

I'm trying to find some tips to score in MUET. And here are some of the tips that I found & I'm trying to practice it today!
(The test is tomorrow.)

- Listen to radio talk shows
This is another effective way to boost your listening skill. 
Just tune in into your favourite english radio station and enjoy their conversations~! Currently, I'm listening to Hitz.FM :) 

-Read a Variety of Materials

Newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopedia, etc are some typical reading materials to start with. In addition, reading English ebooks and weblogs or blogs helps too. So right now, I'm trying to find blogs that is in English and talks about interesting stuff. Haha. A recommended blog for Malaysian students is Malaysia Students blog.

So guys, stop reading those dictionary, its a good thing to practice but how about try to use the thesaurus, change your normal words into something different, like "Important" to "vital". Get what I meant? :P

Okay good luck to all MUET's candidates. Hopefully we can get excellent results! Go BAND 6! :D

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