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Monday, April 25, 2011

My MPP Family for the Last Time

Last week ada "Hi-Tea with the MPP's". I was a Mantan for secretariat MPP UITM Johor sesi 2010/2011 and currently still a secreatariat for MPP UITM Johor sesi 2011/2012. Hee, terlebih rajin kot? Grr! But not really, I'm just intended to help my fellow friends. Friends, must stick togetha babyy! :D

So here is some pictures for you guys to see;

*the mantan's (MPP UiTM Johor sesi 2010/2011)
They are my family, seriously. Gonna miss them so muchhhh! :'(

*The new MPP sesi 2011/2012. A much smaller family berbanding the one's before this. Still trying to hang in with the new family. :)

As you can see, benda penghargaan ni salah eja nama I. GRR, nak sebut pun susah kot? Try la. T__T

*Okay, dua budak kecik yang gila-gila. Kalau layan, bertambah gila. No, seriously ni, tak main-main. Haha. Ben & Mirul, the rascal's from UiTM JB.

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  1. waaahhh ada jugak! terharu terharu ada gambar beta! haha