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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guy Best Friend(s)

Girl bestfriends are definitely a necessary! So you can do all the things that guys would not do and sometimes girls understands you more, naluri seorang wanita? Hehe. Plus, you won't be caught tangled up loving each other like a couple (unless one of you are lesbians of something, haha, joke joke!) That is why I have my Club 10 tersayang (my UiTM Besties) & Diva-Faymous (my st.marians girlfriends) Muah muah XOXO forever love.

But having a guy bestfriend, (GBF),  is pretty much like a you-in a guy form. You will like share things together, laugh together, go out have fun together and maybe he can be the place where you can probably share with. You may see it like "elehh, sebenarnya boyfriend dia tu", okay you need to stop judging, maybe they are just friends. :)

Okay ada 2 tau type of GBF ni, ececeh suka-suka kau je kan, hehehe.

#1 : Flirty GBF; the one who you can mess around with & tease,- but you are not under any pressure for a relationship because it just isn't like thatAnd yes, it is possible to have a dude as a bff-and not fall in love with them. 

#2 : GBF who always has your back. They are the ones who will: 
be there for you when you need them, give their opinion and listen to you want to say about that jerk who broke your heart (sometimes they will cool you down). They’re mostly the same as girl bff’s, except they feel they have 
to protect you at the same time. 

Also what sucks is that when you are caught in the friend zone. Some people felt that they can't help falling for their GBF, but in the end, what could be better than in a never ending friendship, or a relationship that you are afraid it won't last long enough? But if you have the "Jodoh" with your GBF, who knows right. Semua itu terletak di tangan Allah. Nothing can be predict, especially when it comes to Jodoh & Ajal. :) But as I said before, it is possible to have a dude as a bff-and not fall in love with them and in the end, 
you are just in love with your FRIENDSHIP.

Its just something interesting to share about, 
I'm sure everyone has their own GBF or a GirlBFF that is almost like a GBF, hehe. 

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