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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So You Think You Are So Perfect?

"Go see yourself in the mirror first before watching others through the window."

Suka quotes tu, it is for selfish people yang suka menilai orang lain before menilai diri sendiri. Dia rasa dia "awesome" sangat nak menilai and bagi advice dekat orang lain, 
tapi rupanya diri sendiri pun tak betul. 

Haha, seems to be familiar with those kinds of stuff? Always been there. 
But I always told myself, LET THEM BE. 
Let them talk bad about you, 
because in the end
only you & Allah knows what is really going on and what is inside your heart. 

Just because he/she is close enough to you, it doesn't mean he/she knows eveything about you and what lies inside your heart. Its your heart, not theirs!

Mereka tidak merasa apa yang kamu rasakan, 
mereka tidak mengerti apa yang kamu rasai, 
sebab tu mereka membuat andaian sendiri dan bercakap buruk mengenai kamu di belakang kamu.
Cuba mereka rasai apa yang kamu sedang atau sudah lalui,
mungkin baru mereka faham.

Not everything is like fairy-tales or those sweet romantic happy drama's! Wake up! 
We are in the real life, nothing is perfect, and sometimes things happen not the way we want it to be! It just happen!

They may judge you, rate you, hate you, shake you and break you,
but how strong you are is what makes you.

If you think you are so perfect,
hey think again.
Hanya Allah s.w.t sahaja yang sempurna.
Anda juga hanyalah hamba Allah s.w.t,

Don’t point out other peoples flaws, because you're not perfect!