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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Want That!

I bet semua orang ada buat wishlist, and so do I! HEHE. Birthday nanti boleh la buat muka kesian and tunggu diorang tanya "Nak apa birthday Tee nanti?" HAHA. (Tapi hopefully dorang bagi la, kalau just tanya je, agak sedih la, huu)

Okay here goes mine!

- Military Jacket -


Because jacket ni super duper cute! Especially this one, check it out gals.

-Suede Peep Toe Pumps-


Just look at this one, its beautiful and it rocks the look.

- Idon'tknowwhatcolouristhisJeans-but-melikey -

Just look at her, i'm in love with the colour!

-Leather Jacket-

I think leather jackets will look nice on my maxi dress. It will totally rock my tops! And I have 2 choices of colour for leather jacket.

- Nikon D3100 -

Semua orang kununnye dah jadi photographer just because they have the DSLR. Since semua dah ada, I pun nak. HAHA. Gedik lah kau, tapi memang best bila ada ni, kan kan?

- BlackBerry Curve 9330 Pink-

What I know is that, Malaysia ada yang 9300 je. But yang tu takde colour pink, I nak pink. Pink not gedik yea, korang yang cakap gedik tu yang gedik sebenarnya, boo! Anyways, I know I just have my new Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro, but I don't know why lah tiba-tiba I nak BB. BB, u put mandrem dekat I ke??

For now, tu je la my wishlist. Nanti I tambah lagi. Kuangkuangkuang!

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