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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Hari Cabaran Blog - Day 9

10 Ways To Win My Heart

1. Funny and have a sense of humor.
I really love to laugh, so kalau tengah sedih or moody, just by making me laugh dah boleh jadi happy balik. So I need someone that can makes me laugh.

2. Protective.
Every girls dream is to have this one knight shining armour by her side. The one yang boleh protect dia if there is anyone tries to attack her or break her heart or even makes her cry.

3. Good morning or good night messages.
It shows that I'm either on his first thought in the morning or the last thing he thinks about before going to sleep. And that is sweet.

4. Knows how to comfort me.
When I'm sad or tengah merajuk, I need someone yang pandai memujuk. I'm a girl, not a boy yang needs space and his alone time bila tengah sedih or gaduh. I need him to comfort me until I feel much better.

5. Always be there for me when sad or happy times.
When I'm happy, I want to share it with him. Even during sad times, I want him to be there beside me and help me to feel better. And when he is sad or happy, I'm hoping that I'm the first to know and the one he will find to share it with.

6. A leader.
I like a guy yang ada responsibility, it doesn't matter besar atau kecil tanggungjawab yang dia pikul, but it shows to me that he can be a great leader to me and insyaAllah a great father to my children soon. A leader also means boleh menjadi seorang imam dan ketua keluarga.

7. Gentleman.
The term gentleman ni macam menyeluruh, but for me, when it said gentlemen, is like being MR.nice guy to my family, my friends, and especially respecting me as a woman. 

8. Give me things / gifts / flowers.
I don't need those expensive things, even something yang secondhand pun I terima. But when he gave me something that shows me that he remembers me, it is enough for me to see it.

9. Accept me for who I am.
I seorang manusia biasa, I have my own flaws. Tapi if dia dapat menerima kekurangan dalam diri I ni, insyaAllah I boleh menerima kekurangan dan kelebihan dalam diri dia. Its like giving and accepting, win-win situation gitu. Hee.

10. Show the effort.
If he has the effort to see me, to spend time with me, or just even by texting or calling me when he is busy or doesn't have the time or even when in such distance, that can really moved me. :)

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