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Friday, December 16, 2011

Kebaikan Membaca Ayat Al-Kursi

This is something that I've received from my friends yang insyaAllah boleh memberikan kebaikan kepada kita semua & mungkin boleh diamalkan dalam kehidupan seharian. :)

Benefits of Ayat Al-Kursi

1. Recite when leaving your house and 70'000 angels will protect you from all sides.

2. Recite when entering your home and poverty won't enter it.

3. Recite after wuduk and it raises you 70 times in Allah's rank.

4. Recite before sleep and 1 angel will protect you the whole night.

5. Recite after praying fardu and the only thing separating you from paradise is death.

If you pass/share this with other people, 
it is sadqa jaria and you will continue to be rewarded every time someone acts on it until Judgement Day, 
insyaAllah. :)