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Monday, January 2, 2012

I Want These!

Please faham actually cuti for quite a long time is very boring. Bersyukur lah if you have class to attend or the school is opening soon. Or if esok kerja, lagi bersyukur sebab soon you will be receiving your salary. Well I pun ada kerja, that is menjaga rumah, adik dan kucing. T__T'

So since I don't really have the budget to shop right now, I saje buat list barang-barang yang I teringin nak beli. Takpe la, window shopping pun best, memang enjoyable abes "dowh". -__-'

Scallop Jersey Maxi Skirt - Heather Grey

IMG_3755 copy

Crochet Polka Maxi - Green

Kalau banyak duit, mesti best kan shopping. Hee. Oh you wish! Okay tu je list berangan untuk kali ini, ehe.

credits to:
MissLilyShop > Facebook


  1. Jom datang sini...
    Maxi skirt, palazo pants, inner neck ala maysaa, inner diamond...all under rm40

  2. InshaAllah adalah rezeki you untuk shop freely nanti :)

    Just in case you like to shop for items from United Kingdom, you may visit this web:

    I stumbled upon your blog time google for what ntah tak ingat :)
    Are you a permanent teacher?